IT Review – A Professional’s Perspective…

Are you confident that your technology is working to its full potential? Are you reaping the full benefit from your IT investment? Is your existing technology supporting your business objectives?

FITM’s IT Review offers a professional IT Director’s analysis of all aspects of your IT systems. We offer an independent assessment of your existing infrastructure providing appropriate recommendations and identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies. This results in a report detailing findings, recommendations and potential cost savings.

The review covers ten topics:

  • IT environment – network infrastructure, desktop, telecoms, business applications, data providers and feeds etc.
  • security
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) / Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • backup
  • IT support
  • environmental policy
  • projects
  • budget
  • strategy
  • IT management

More detail about the IT review process can be found here.