As most IT professionals, I am occasionally called upon to do PC support for nearest and dearest. I hand’t come across this one before, so I thought I’d let the world know.

Symptom: Microsoft Word was displaying a document every time it was opened. However Word was launched, the effect was the same – there was the document where a blank page should have been. The fact that this document contained sensitive information only added to the frustration.

Cause: the user had somehow overwritten with the contents of the highly embarrassing document.

Resolution: find, delete it and launch Word to recreate a blank one from scratch.

The great thing about this was that the resolution took about 2 minutes from problem to solution. Oh that all loved ones support was as easy!


Imagine not having a server in the corner of your office – not having the worry of downtime, security incidents and expensive repairs.

Imagine being able to work efficiently wherever you are – at home, in a coffee shop, at a client’s site or even in the office.

Imagine having IT on call – IT support to help with your technical issues and an IT Manager to ensure that your IT is efficient, cost effective and provides a business advantage rather than a headache.

Today FITM is proud to announce the launch of its FITM:cloud service. FITM:cloud brings together the best technology from leading providers such as Microsoft with first class IT support and management to offer you a complete solution to your IT needs.

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5 April 2011
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According to Microsoft‘s “SMB Cloud Adoption Study 2011”, within 3 years: 39% of SMEs expect to be paying for one or more cloud services (the current figure is 29%) the number of cloud services SMEs pay for will nearly double 43% of workloads will become paid cloud services Their view is that adoption of cloud […]

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