New Business Start-Up Package – Why Worry?

The last thing that a new business needs is to worry about their IT.

You have a brilliant idea for a new company and you should be developing that idea. Not spending time thinking about your email system, phones, laptops or accounting package.

But IT is critical to the growth and survival of every modern company. Because of this, you should put in place IT solutions that are cost-effective now, give best-of-breed services and flexibility and are able to expand as your company grows.

FITM’s Small Business Start-Up Package takes away the IT headache enabling you to concentrate on your core business.  We advise on complementary and cost effective solutions in the following areas:

  • Hardware – PC, Mac & laptop
  • Software – operating system, office applications, accounting, project management, collaboration systems
  • Physical – telephones, VoIP , cabling, connectivity
  • Mobile – mobile phones, smartphones, BlackBerries, iPads
  • Central functions – backup, file storage, remote access
  • Websites – hosting, content management (CMS)
  • Security

FITM’s Small Business Start-Up Package is designed to be flexible and expandable as your company grows, supporting your business both today and in the future.