There are 2,788 IT support companies in London!

by on 06/05/2010

According to there are 2,788 IT support companies in London.  No, hold it, there are now 2,789!

How does any organisation know where to start?  How do they know what is on offer and how do they know how much they should be paying?  How do they know the few good support companies from the many many average or poor ones?

Choosing an IT support company is a critical business decision that has implications for your business for years to come.  Decisions like these shouldn’t be left to chance, but should be approached logically in much the same way as you would select a business critical application – first by defining your requirements (what hours support do you need, do you need someone round the corner or is remote support acceptable, what are acceptable response and resolution targets, how much are you prepared to pay etc.) and then by finding a short list of companies that match.

Unfortunately, most companies do not take this key decision seriously enough.  The result?  An IT support company that does not meet your needs, costs more than it should and is reactive rather than proactive.

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