Tetris has been around for 25 years!

by on 10/06/2010

early version of Tetris

The first version of Tetris was developed 25 years ago by a young Russian academic on a large Soviet-built Elektronika 60 computer.

Alexey Pajitnov invented the game in 1984 but was unable to profit from it for many years because the concept was owned by the Soviet state.  He finally began to make money when he moved to the US and rights reverted to him in 1996.

The history of Tetris is fascinating.  It has been released on almost every platform in existence and has even been played on the side of skyscrapers.  It really hit the big time in 1989 when it was given free with Nintendo’s Game Boy and hasn’t looked back since.  In January it was announced that Tetris has sold more than 100 million copies for mobile phones alone since 2005.

A classic game indeed.  Many happy returns Tetris.

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