Ten years of broadband

by on 31/03/2010

Ten years ago today, the first British customer started to receive their broadband service.

Mark Bush, a single parent from Basildon, Essex moved from his £300 a month (!) dial-up connection to a free trial NTL broadband connection.  He took the service during the test period and so was the only user. As he told the BBC “It was pretty impressive in the early days, with having the whole pipe to myself.”

Since that time, broadband has come a long way.  It is now seen as a right rather than a luxury, and it is poised to become an election issue.

Virgin Media who took over from NTL have decided to mark the milestone. They have collaborated with United Visual Artists to develop an “interactive light installation celebrating 10 years of broadband in the UK.” Called “Speed of Light” it apparently explores the themes of communication and modernity and is to be found at the Bargehouse on the South Bank from 9th to 19th April.


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Nic April 7, 2010 at 5:15 pm

Happy Birthday Broadband and good riddance to dial-up. I think I’d die of frustration if I ever had to go back there again. Took all morning to download an averaged sized file.

It took a while for broadband coverage to arrive in my area though, it just wasn’t there when I first went to compare broadband packages. Could have cried.

All happy and broadband-connected now though. 🙂


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