Microsoft Accounting RIP

by on 30/10/2009


I am severely annoyed. If this wasn’t a professional blog, it would be worse than that.

There I was defending Microsoft to all comers at lunchtime today, and I get back to my desk to find an email saying that Microsoft is pulling the plug on its Office Accounting package. It will not be distributed from November 16th (see here). Customer support is being transferred to Mamut, who are generously (!) offering a free “upgrade” to their business software.

Now, the thing is that Microsoft Office Accounting is an excellent product. It has won awards and has been endorsed by many accountants. It was fully integrated with Word and Excel and it is still showing as PC Pro’s A-list accounting package with a maximum 6 star rating. What is really frustrating is the time that I have spent learning how to use the product, tailoring the invoice template etc. etc. Multiply that up by all the companies who use this, and you get an incredible waste of time and energy.

Microsoft is entitled to withdraw a product I suppose. But there was no sign of this decision until today, and 16 days does not seem a very long notice period to give.

But most of all, it was a good product, so it seems a terrible shame to withdraw it. Hey ho, and off to Mamut we go. Microsoft Accounting RIP.


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Richard Hurford March 23, 2011 at 4:25 pm

Of course I didn’t go to Mumut in the end. I went to the wonderful Xero ( and now have a cloud based solution that does far more and does it far more elegantly than Microsoft Accounting ever did.

Every cloud…


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