IT outages cost SMEs £8,000 per day

by on 30/03/2011

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According to Symantec‘s “2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey”, the average cost of downtime for an SME is nearly £8,000 ($12,500) a day. Even for a small business, the figure approaches £2,000 ($3,000).

Symantec’s data reveals:

  • Half of SMEs do not have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place.
  • In the past year, the typical SME experienced 6 computer outages.
  • Less than half of SMEs back up their data weekly.
  • Only 23% of SMEs back up daily.
  • Among those that have DR plans, only 28% have actually tested them.

Downtime causes customers to leave and companies without adequate plans risk going out of business should a disaster occur.

Despite these huge risks, the survey shows that SMEs are not making disaster preparedness a priority, or at least not until they experience a disaster or data loss.

One of the common reasons given for company’s failure to have an adquate DR plan, or Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is the cost and difficulty. In fact, basic DR plans are simple and cost little to implement.

With reliance on computer systems growing all the time and with more and more customers and prospects demanding sight of a DR plan, there is no excuse for any company, whatever their size, not to have one. Don’t put it off, start simple, and start now.

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