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by on 20/10/2009

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Apple’s iPhone is ranked number one in customer satisfaction for smartphones in business according to JD Power and Associates‘ second annual survey of smartphone users. It convincingly knocks last year’s winner, BlackBerry into second place “performing particularly well in the ease of operation, physical design and handset feature factors”.

The argument has been that the iPhone is a consumer product. In fact, the survey shows that the most important factors for smartphones are internet capability (45%), ability to use email account (41%), overall design / style (39%), bluetooth capabilities (37%) and keyboard style (37%).

Given this, it is easy to see why the iPhone is the winner.  Its internet capability and design / style are second to none, and with the latest version of the operating system, its synchronisation with corporate email servers has become enterprise class. Bluetooth capabilities are quite reasonable, which leaves the question of the keyboard. For writing long documents or emails, it is clearly better to have a proper keyboard such as those on most BlackBerry devices, but this is outweighed by the other factors for the majority of users.

This must come as quite a shock to BlackBerry fans and to IT Managers who have generally banned iPhones from corporate networks.

The new reality is that the distinction between technology for home and business use is disappearing fast.  Users are selecting smartphones for themselves rather than using those endorsed by the IT department.  IT professionals need to realise and accept this with good grace.  In this new world, IT has to support many different phone makes and models, and ensure that they can manage each of them effectively and securely.  This is a challenge that requires a different way of thinking, but will have the effect of bringing IT and the business closer together if it is done correctly.

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Zaren Courtenay October 28, 2009 at 11:10 pm

I would certainly agree with the JD Power findings.

I used to use a BlackBerry until the release of the 3GS in July. I switched because I needed the ability to manage mutliple sites and blogs through a number of CMS’s. This just wasn’t possible on the BlackBerry. I also manage 11 email accounts, all of which can be managed on an iPhone.

Zaren Courtenay
Director, Online Marketing & Operations
White Line Hotels


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