A simple mobile phone?

by on 24/11/2009

As regular readers will know, I’m a huge fan of the iPhone for business use. I have my contacts, calendar and email on one deeply sexy device, and I can surf the Internet, listen to music and play games to while away the few mintues of spare time I have.

However, the one thing that my iPhone isn’t terribly good at is making phone calls. Ironic, isn’t it?

The call quality is patchy, whether I’m at my desk or out and about. I don’t know whether this is an inherent fault with the iPhone or due to O2’s coverage, but it doesn’t really matter which it is. And the fact that the iPhone is actually a computer is a disadvantage when it comes to just making and receiving calls. On several occasions now, it has stopped working, without any visible warning that that’s the case. When, some hours later, I’ve realised that I can’t make a call I’ve had to do a full reboot.

I’ve just timed it, a full reboot takes just nearly 3 minutes, from holding down the sleep and home buttons to entering my passcode and a signal being available strong enough for a call to be made. This is acceptable for a reboot of a computer, but not when you need to make a phone call in a hurry.

So I want a second phone. A no frills, plain and simple mobile phone to make and receive calls. I’d like it to be reasonably light and look reasonably good, but I don’t need a camera, GPS, a touchscreen, 3G, a radio or an MP3 player.

What I’d like to find, but haven’t been able to, is a comparison of mobile phone call quality and reliability.  Does one of these exist?

And if anyone can recommend the perfect second phone for me, then I’d love to know the answer.

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