5 years of Twitter

by on 22/03/2011

just setting up my twttr
Jack Dorsey

The first ever Tweet was sent 5 years ago. With the inconsequential phrase “just setting up my twttr”, Jack Dorsey started the juggernaut rolling.

And little did he know what he was starting. Twitter has published some birthday stats in their blog here:

  • The first billion Tweets were sent in 3 years, 2 months and 1 day.
  • Now, over 1 billion Tweets are sent in a week (there are 6.79 billion people in the world).
  • 456 Tweets per second (TPS apparently) were sent when Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009. The record is an incredible 6,939 which were sent 4 seconds after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day.

Call me old fashioned, but my first ever tweet might have been “Hello World!” (see here for why). What would you have said?

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