39% of SMEs to use the cloud within 3 years

by on 05/04/2011

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According to Microsoft‘s “SMB Cloud Adoption Study 2011”, within 3 years:

  • 39% of SMEs expect to be paying for one or more cloud services (the current figure is 29%)
  • the number of cloud services SMEs pay for will nearly double
  • 43% of workloads will become paid cloud services

Their view is that adoption of cloud computing will grow rapidly as SME’s existing IT becomes outdated.

Here at FITM, we believe passionately about the future of cloud computing. We practice what we preach – all our applications are in the cloud (SaaS – software as a service) and we do not run servers ourselves (IaaS – infrastructure as a service). We advise our clients about the significant benefits of cloud computing, particularly the costs savings, resilience and reliability.

We agree with the findings of the Microsoft survey. The logic in favour of cloud computing is irresistible. Some customers have concerns with connectivity to the cloud, security, data protection etc. but these issues are easily surmountable and we would expect far more than 39% of our SME customers to be using the cloud within 3 years.

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