FITM Limited

Technology underpins your business…

How confident are you that your technology is aligned to support the future growth of your business? What would be the impact if your technology failed? Do you know your company’s IT risk exposure? Are you taking advantage of advancing technology?

Do you wish you had a senior technology manager, but can’t justify the cost?

Some businesses can afford and justify employing an IT Director to guide and oversee their technology strategy. Others outsource to generic IT firms who manage the day-to-day support but may not be able to provide the necessary strategic direction and leadership.

There is another way. An outsourced IT Director. A relatively new concept in the UK, a “virtual CIO” (Chief Information Officer) is well established in the US and Canada providing companies with outsourced IT management expertise as and when required.

FITM offers senior IT professionals commissioned by clients on a part time or ad hoc basis. Our senior associates are experienced in identifying the right technology to link and underpin all the functions of the business. We are independent strategists practised in determining the right technology for both your business today and to support your future ambitions.

Our core business is to provide an IT Director on a regular, ongoing basis. In addition we offer three main services that can provide your company with overall IT planning: IT Review, IT Support Service, and our Small Business ‘Start-Up’ Package. FITM:cloud is the complete solution for your IT needs, offering email and files in the cloud together with IT management and support.